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Aerial Work Platforms

Fork Lifts

Earth Moving

Compaction Equipment

Excavators & Backhoes

Skid Loaders

Skid Loader Attachments

Tractor & Attachments




Property Maintenance

Lawn & Garden

Painting & Cleaning

Tree Service Equipment

General Construction

Construction Tools

Flooring Tools

Generators & Welders


Lighting & Traffic Safety



Air Compressor & Tools

Cutting Tools & Drills

Concrete & Masonry

Water Works

Plumbing Equipment


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Terms and Conditions

Rates: Subject to change without notice.

Minimum Hourly Rental: 4 Hours

Daily Rental: 24 Hours (Maximum 8 hours use)

Weekly Rentals: 7 Consecutive Days (Maximum 40 hours use)

Weekend Rentals: 7 a.m. Saturday – Monday Morning 8 a.m. (Maximum 10 hours use)

Monthly Rentals: 4 Weeks ( Maximum 160 hours use)

Returns: All rentals returned past the due in time are subject to additional fees.

Repairs: Customer is responsible for all damage due to excessive wear or mis-use, including damage to tires.

Rentals are payable in advance. There is a fuel charge unless returned full. Delivery and/or pickup available for an additional fee.

All rentals are subject to a 12% damage waiver unless a certificate of insurance with RentEquip listed as additional insured with regards to rented/leased equipment is provided from customers liability insurance.

Damage waiver covers damage that is accidental. Damage waiver will also cover normal wear items. Damage waiver does not cover tires or track damage, glass, negligence, abuse, or misuse of equipment.

There will be an additional fee for items returned unclean.






Paint Sprayer

Airless, Electric

Pressure Washer

North Star


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4 hrs



4 Weeks

24 hrs

4 hrs



4 Weeks

24 hrs